What’s one of the most popular questions asked in this office? It’s “What can I do with a major in economics?” And the answer? Practically anything and everything.

Yes, it’s true. Your career options as an economics major are endless. Yet, this is why many students struggle to figure out what to do after college. Don’t worry. The ECDO is here to help you.

One of the reasons that economics majors can pursue almost any career is because of the skills gained through economics coursework. As an economics major you should:

Additional Skills Include:
Generating/developing ideas
Organizing materials
Designing projects
Analyzing results
Applying statistical methods
Testing an idea/hypothesis
Maintaining accurate records
Tabulating data
Manipulating numerical data
Developing budgets
Cost analysis/projections
Preparing financial reports/statements
Problem Solving
Assessing needs
Defining problems
Reviewing/evaluating goals
Relating theory to practice
Applying quantitative analysis
Generating solutions
Evaluating policies
Projecting/forecasting results
Writing reports/articles
Reading/interpreting relevant reports/statements
Summarizing data
Writing grant proposals
Analyzing data
Sizing up an audience
Speaking clearly
Presenting proposals reports


To help you define your career goals we’ve provided information on the typical paths economics majors pursue. For each path we have included information on relevant UW-Madison courses we believe will be beneficial for you to complete. In addition, we included the Take 5 section, which lists five courses outside of the economics department that would also be relevant as a supplement to your economics course work.

This is a guide only; you are not required to take all courses listed. Be aware that not all courses are offered each semester. Work with your academic advisor each semester to ensure you enroll in the correct courses and are completing all requirements.

Each section on this page also lists sample job titles to look for as you search for an internship or your first professional position. You will also find other career resources listed that are specific to that career path.

Business, Banking, and Finance

Economic Development


Federal Reserve Public Finance


Graduate School in Economics


International Trade


Marketing and Retail

Public Policy

Real Estate and Urban Planning

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