Antonio Penta

Associate Professor


Working Papers:

(New Version) Full Implementation and Belief Restrictions (joint with: Mariann Ollar) under revision, requested by the American Economic Review
Download: (Current Version: October 2015) pdf

(NEW) Cost-Benefit Analysis in Reasoning (joint with: Larbi Alaoui)
Download: (Current version: November 2015) pdf

Common Agency and Coordinated Bids in Sponsored Search Auctions (joint with: F.Decarolis and M.Goldmanis)
Download: (Current Version: August 2015) pdf --- Winner of the NET Institute 2013 award.

Articles Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals:

Endogenous Depth of Reasoning (joint with: Larbi Alaoui), Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming. pdf

Robust Dynamic Implementation, Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming. pdf
(Previous versions of the paper circulated under the title Robust Dynamic Mechanism Design, my job market paper in 2010)

On the Structure of Rationalizability on Arbitrary Spaces of Uncertainty, Theoretical Economics, 8 (2013), 405-430 pdf
(Some typographic errors are corrected here: pdf)

Higher Order Uncertainty and Information: Static and Dynamic Games, Econometrica, Vol. 80, No. 2 (March, 2012), 631-660 pdf
(On the Richness Condition: pdf) (Previous versions of the paper circulated under the title Higher Order Beliefs in Dynamic Environments)

Multilateral Bargaining and Walrasian Equilibrium Journal of Mathematical Economics, Volume 47, Issues 4-5, August-October 2011, Pages 417-424 pdf

Interactive Epistemology and Solution Concepts for Games with Asymmetric Information (joint with: P. Battigalli, A. Di Tillio and E. Grillo), The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics: Vol. 11 (Advances), Article 6 pdf

Articles Published in Edited Volumes:

Robustness of the Uniqueness of Walrasian Equilibrium with Cobb-Douglas Utilities
(joint with: David Cass, Abhinash Borah, Maxym Kryshko, Kyungmin Kim, Jonathan Pogach), in "The Collected Writings of David Cass - Part C", ed. S. Spears, Emerald Group Puplishing Limited, 2011. Download the PIER Working Paper 09-038: pdf

Voting (joint with: J.Pogach, A.Sandroni, D.Selman, M.Tincani), in The Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science , ed. Robert A. Meyers, Springer (2009). Reprinted in Computational Complexity , Springer New York (2012). pdf

Work in progress:

Short Note: Endogenous Depth of Reasoning and Response Time, with an application to the Attention-Allocation Task (joint with: Larbi Alaoui) pdf

Coordination and Sophistication (joint with: Larbi Alaoui)

Extensive Form Uncertainty and Coordination (joint with: Peio Zuazo-Garin)

Efficient Auctions and Robust Mechanism Design: A New Approach (joint with: Kyungmin Kim)

Nice Games with Incomplete Information and Belief Restrictions (joint with: Mariann Ollar)

(Preliminary Draft available upon request) Backward Induction Reasoning in Incomplete Information Games

(Superseded) Strategic Thinking and Value of Reasoning: Theory and Applications to Five `Little Treasures' of Game Theory (joint with: Larbi Alaoui)
(The updated version of the analysis of the `Five Little Treasures of Game Theory' is now incorporated in the paper Endogenous Depth of Reasoning)
(The axiomatic foundation has been superseded by the paper Cost-Benefit Analysis in Reasoning)